Ann Lee
She has lived in NYC most of her life with a three year stint in San Francisco. She has done spoken word on both coasts and self published in 2002 a small collection of poetry "Dozen-a-l" (Ed.80). She started dancing on the west coast in large troupes: two jungle operas at Burning Man under the direction of Pepe Ozan and other various performances under Crimson Rose in San Francisco. Her first acting performance was at Ravestock. Her most recently dance training was under Atsushi Takenouchi, of "Jinen" fame, both in the Adirondack Mts. and in NYC.

Performances at several venues in NYC include:

The Knitting Factory: dance duet accompaniment for Bomb Pop
Pink Pony: flute with Axis Mundi
Gershwin Hotel (Vision Quest 2000/28March): Dance
The Limelight (Big Goddess Pow Wow/21Mar01): spoken word and song
Galapagos (BPWW2/20June): spoken word and song
Chashama Theatre (^*^T3 4Pe@ce^*^): dance solo and flute
The Slipper Room (The Fun Club): accapella version of "Deeper Shade of Blue" and dance solos
Outdoor dance solos and group performances at the Williamsburg and South Bronx waterfronts and at Plaza Cultural.
Rififi: Spoken word, song, and dance solo
Bowery Poetry Club (Benefit for the Ethiopian people): A dance tripartite entitled "triste Δ joie".
Galapagos (Annar/11Jan04): dance acc. to santur master Alan Kushan
Otto's Shrunken Head (Kron Vollmer's Vaudville Utopia/10Apr04):
A dance to "WindsOfΔ(dlb)"
The Public Theater (Czech Plays in Translation/16May05):Read the part of Markéta in David Drábek's "Aquabelles"

Her short video credits include "Vampire Slayer" and "Butterfly Women."