Jill Zimmerman
Jill Zimmerman has been teaching yoga for the past 21/2 years. She received her teacher certification and training from the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City in June of 2000, and began teaching immediately. Jill wanted to share the many benefits and gifts that she received from yoga through teaching and guiding others.

Jill is also an ceramic artist- focusing mainly on sculpture and functional / wearable art. Her sculptures have all had an environmental theme to them- by using the female body to represent mother earth.

Prior to Jill using art as her medium for environmental activism, she was involved in various environmental causes. Attending the largest American protest in the early 1980’s – the “No Nukes” Concert in Central Park had a huge impact on her.

Living in California for several years exposed Jill to many environmental issues and lots of activism, and she became involved in several local grassroots groups; one of them- “the hundredth monkey project” led her to the Nevada Nuclear test Site in 1992 where she and several hundred others were arrested by Federal Agents for protesting the testing of Nuclear Bombs on Native American land.

Jill remains committed to helping to save the planet any way she can.