Rana Lee Araneta

Ms. Araneta is an environmental activist and yoga and circus arts educator in the New York City public and private schools, teaching kids from ages 3-14. Ms. Araneta created the Green Circus with the dream of training kids of all ages across the world to be environmental superheroes as a way to insure the future of the planet. Through circus arts, yoga, meditation and theater, the Green Circus Superhero Training Workshops empowers the individual to take creative risks, and be active within their communities by first working on themselves and developing the powers within them to actively heal the world in whatever capacity, locally and globally.

Also known as Tofu Honey Pie, she performs comedic enviro-activist burlesque and performance art in the New York City cabaret scene. Her performances have included transforming George W. Bush into a planet saving superhero, convincing a Bovine Growth Hormone corporate salesman to drink rice milk, and watching a cursing S.U.V. driver who eats McDonald's turn into an organic goddess.
Ms Araneta is currently developing Green Circus Superhero Training base camps in New York City, N.Y., San Francisco, CA, and Boulder, CO.
She is also working on taking the Green Circus Superhero Training Workshops on the Rock the Vote tour following the political campaign trail in the summer of 2004 and organizing an eco-sustainable biodiesel,
veggie caravan convergence in D.C. for the fall of 2004.

Ms. Araneta is a published magazine writer and editor,
and creative writer.