As air pollution from fossil fuels continues to threaten life on planet earth, renewable energy offers real and sustainable solutions.

Preliminary 2005 Tour Schedule
May Day             NYC
May 4th               NYC Harlem River event w/ brook park 10 am - 1pm
mid May              NYC  Green Circus benefit
End of May         NYC Kick off summer celebration w/ brook park
June 1-5              San Francisco for environmental conference 

June 18-21          Philadelphia - BioDemocracy 2005 - Reclaim the commons
July 1st-7th         Virginia - national rainbow gathering
mid July              "de-bunking the myth of clean coal" appalachia ( lexington, georgia, TN,  N. carolina )
Aug 27&28th      W Mass Global Alliance  on the Mohawk Trail
                                  < Burning Man >
Sept 17&18th       Upstate New York,  World Unity Festival


The Green Circus will PROVIDE AN EXAMPLE of alternative energy. We will travel around the country on a tour bus – The Green Machine- running on biodiesel as well as grease from restaurants. The Green Machine will travel all over the United States to various biodiesel co-ops, biodiesel plants, music festivals, eco-festivals, alternative energy conferences, and state fairs. The bus will serve as a mobile advertising billboard displaying the ecological and economic impact of our fuel as well as displaying sponsors’ logos. There will be cross promotion of the Green Circus and sponsors/funders through our website which is also displayed on the bus.

This free show is performed in a magical, multi-sensory circus tent which offers the audience a glimpse into a world that is ecologically sustainable. Through multimedia, audience interaction, acrobatics, trapeze, and live music, the circus, which is for audiences of all ages, will illustrate easy, simple solutions to creating cleaner air, water, and land. After the performance, there will be an engaging and fun demonstration that explains how our biodiesel engine works and how you can convert your engine from using fossil fuel to biodiesel. This show and class will be performed at various times of the day/evening. The audiences at the festivals will be made aware of the times by small parades of The Green Circus characters announcing who we are and when the show times are.

The Green Circus also provides yoga, dance, clowning, and theatre workshops for children and adults throughout the day/weekend of the festival/fair/conference. We will also have a booth providing information on other related organizations to contact. An educational comic book/information packet will be distributed.

During the tour there will also be a filming of a documentary interviewing farmers, children and people of all ages about their concerns/opinions relating to alternative energy. It will provide educational information about how the bus is running on biodiesel and documenting visits to the various biodiesel plants/co-ops across the country. This video also will be a “making of” of the entire process and marketed and distributed nationwide to universities, film festivals and other venues.

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Green Sphere Inc. is a 501(c)(3), community based organization (CBO),
organized to assist organizations and individuals with education on
ecological issues through cultural events, the media, and grass roots
hands on projects.

Green Sphere was founded in 1987 as a means by which individuals could
become directly involved, making their views known about a variety of
environmental issues ranging from such issues as sources of renewable
energy and population concerns, to food irradiation and stricter
pollution laws. It was determined that the best method by which to accomplish
this was through the proactive use of the media as an educational tool.

Green Sphere has co-produced the award-winning documentaries: "Nukes In Space: The Weaponization and Nuclearization of the Heavens," "Three Mile  Island Revisited," and "Star  Wars Returns." These documentaries and EnviroVideo's 30 minute TV interview series, Enviro Close-Up with Karl Grossman, are now seen on Free Speech TV ( ).  FSTV brings the best of progressive TV to 25 million U.S. homes - airing 24 hours a day on Dish Network (channel 9415) and part-time on 140 community access cable stations in 30 states. For a schedule and description of individual episodes of the Enviro Close-Up with Karl Grossman series go to







Rana Lee Araneta – Executive Director
Rana Lee Araneta is a New York City performance artist and children’s circus arts/yoga teacher.
You can contact her at 212.252.4733 or email: